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Namibia: Union Says Nurses Skeptical of Covid-19 Vaccines

Th Namibia Nurses Union (Nanu) acting secretary general, Junias Shilunga says many nurses are skeptical to get vaccinated.

“They are requesting the government to give them more information on the vaccines before taking them,” Shilunga said yesterday.

The union also urged the government to start training nurses to provide the right information to their communities too.

According to Shilunga, nurses are skeptical because they have not been given enough information about the side effects of the vaccines in case someone develops adverse effects after taking the injection.

“There is a lot of speculation about these vaccines. Some nurses are skeptical because of all those things,” Shilunga said, adding that taking the vaccines or not is a personal choice.

He said nurses would not be pressured into taking the vaccine. “They can decide what is good for them because they understand the effects of vaccines as healthcare professionals,” Shilunga added.

Health executive director Ben Nangombe, said the ministry has arranged weekly question and answer virtual sessions for all nurses where issues concerning the vaccine are discussed and that nurses have attended training on vaccination.

Nangombe also reiterated that vaccination is not mandatory. “No one in Namibia is or will be forced to take the vaccine.”

According the the ministry, on 17 April, about 5 000 Namibians were vaccinated and out of that number, 860 were nurses.

The country has 12 567 nurses.



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